Brenda McVey

Weaverville, NC | Exhibiting Since 1987

Brenda McVey produces handwoven accessories for the body and home in cotton, silk and rayon. Color, texture and pattern are important elements in her work. Variegated yarns help to expand the color palette and create movement in the designs. Using different textures and weave structures creates interesting surfaces. By balancing function and aesthetics, she strives to create handwoven articles which are artful and elegant.

“I have been interest in and working with the fiber arts for most of my life. One of my earliest memories is of a big box in the family attic filled with quilting scraps. My mother taught me to sew in high school and I can still remember some of the fabrics that I worked with then. I love color and texture and the structure of the fabric, and enjoy the mechanical process of creating fabric. As a long time handweaver, I continue to be fascinated by the weaving process and am constantly refining my techniques and products. In the last few year I have been experimenting with knitting machines. Using both the weaving loom and the knitting machine I can take beautiful yarns and create unique and personal fabrics. Varying the yarn texture, color and fabric structure creates interesting fabric surfaces. By balancing function and aesthetics, I hope to create handcrafted pieces which are artful in design and elegant in function.”