Chery Cratty

Smithville, TN | Exhibiting Since 2008

Chery Cratty is inspired by a deep desire to retain a sense of magic and connection to Nature in her life. She lives on a ridge in TN, with treetops towering over her from the deep ravine filled with hidden paths behind her home. In her art, she translates this magical, mystical environment with colorful Pulp Paint.

Appearing practically photographic from a distance, closer inspection reveals the highly impressionistic style dictated by her personal techniques with this medium. Painting on a dry background, building layer upon layer, Cratty creates a richly textured surface that invites touching. Her main tools are a Porcupine Quill and a palette knife.

Pulp Paint is environmentally friendly, consisting as it does of plant fibers and pigments. The manufacturing of these paints, which Cratty performs in her studio, is ecologically sound, keeping with her wish to preserve and stay connected to Nature.