Sandy Adair

Brevard, NC | Exhibiting Since 2010

Tapestry weaving is much like painting -with yarn as my palette, and the needles my brushes. My intention is to create peaceful places, microcosms one may enter for replenishment. As a colorist, I seek to express the ever-changing nuances of light and color through subtle blending of fibers, color tones and textures in my weavings. For me, harmonious use of color, line and texture communicate the beauty, balance and sensuousness I experience in nature. A black and white drawing, called a cartoon, often taken from a client’s photograph, or group of photographs, is hung behind the upright warp. Tapestry weaving is a slow process of laying in one needle of yarn at a time until an image is formed. Once completed, my weavings are stretched across a frame, secured and backed with muslin or simply backed with muslin for a softer look. My tapestries are weft face. On the majority of them, I have also embroidered overlays to add further detail.