John Gunther

Abingdon, VA | Exhibiting Since 1991

Since 1973, my fiber pieces have followed an evolution of color, form and function. Working primarily in wool, I have explored the textural qualities of the Scandinavian warp faced technique of the Ripsmatta weave combined with the hand dyed relationships of color. With work in both two and three dimensional levels, I created abstract, graphic, and representational pieces in both functional and non-functional areas.

My current work is hand-painted aluminum weaving. To create my woven pieces I first hand prime two equal-sized sheets of aluminum with a heavy metal primer. This helps create underlying texture and durability for the color to stick. The two sheets are painted in a similar but not exact image. This allows the weaving process to create a unique and one of a kind result. I then fabricate various styles of framing from flat to curved. I glue-mount the woven aluminum fabric to these frames and securing the edges with matching hand-painted aluminum tape. I get my ideas essentially from nature’s window from all the places I have lived and visited. My pieces vary from architectural to landscape abstract to representational. They are visions of life experience in nature and human interaction thru my minds eye.