Pattie Lamb

Cary, NC | Exhibiting Since 2022

I have been happily weaving and spinning since my second child was born over 30 years ago and run my own company, Lamb on the Loom. I especially love creating beautiful fabrics with a soft, luxurious hand that feel wonderful against the skin.

My favorite things to weave are handwoven scarves and shawls.  I weave my scarves and shawls on one of several floor looms in a studio in my home.  I work with luxurious yarns like silk, hand painted wool, tencel, bamboo, and my own homespun yarns. I choose weaving patterns to showcase the beauty of the yarns. Sometimes that is a simple 4 harness twill, sometimes a fancier pattern that requires as many as 16 harnesses to weave.

I also love weaving linens for the home, including table runners and towels. Most of these are woven with cotton and linen using traditional patterns.