Christine Hager-Braun

Durham, NC | Exhibiting Since 2024

As a fiber artist, I enjoy the malleability and the colors of fabrics through various steps, beginning with dyeing and painting fabric or working with commercial fabrics, mostly batiks. After creating the top layer by sewing little pieces of fabrics together I then use this “canvas” a second time to form contour and depth with quilting lines. Essentially, I’m “painting” with fabric and threads.

Back in 2014, I started creating art quilts, which depict peaceful abstract landscapes, as a response to my own grieving after the tragic loss of a friend. Subsequently, I focused on light as part of the landscapes, and eventually, I omitted the ground altogether. With the increasing abstraction of my work, the focus shifted from the light around us to the light within us.

Inspired by the inner strength of humans to cope when faced with adversity, tragedy, or severe health issues, I expanded the content of my work to include a growing active stance towards awareness, acceptance, and personal growth. In addition, I created work that is intended to start a conversation about mental health and calls for empathy and support.

Resilience is a combination of many factors: Silence and solitude, accepting ourselves and others, being quiet and speaking up, stillness and gently shaking the world. Resilience means never giving up on hope and light.

My own resilience gave rise to my artistic voice and every new art quilt is influenced by personal growth. Through my work, I aim to provide visual encouragement to find inner strength through hope, happiness, and healing. My intention as an artist is to celebrate life and facilitate well-being through my art.