Lonni Hopkins

Tampa, FL | Inactive

Easy wearability and function are top priorities for my jewelry designs.  The most recent body of work uses a technique I’ve termed “free form casting”.  Molten liquid sterling silver is cast onto a variety of surfaces to achieve different textures.  The textures are not from a mold and are unable to be duplicated in exactly the same way.  Once cast, the textured metal becomes the basis for a piece.  Organic edges which occur at the time of the casting are often the jumping off points for the next idea.  Ideas for my designs often come while working the studio.  Sometimes elaborate sketches or marquettes are made, and sometimes ideas or spontaneously worked as the piece evolves.  Most of the works have woven chains, linked chains, hinging mechanisms, and hand made findings.  The stones, pearls, and beads selected for my pieces are chosen for their color, textural contrast, or to compliment the concept of the piece.  Often subtly colored stones are selected because a softer, more monochromatic statement is desired.  The pieces are contemporary, urban, and one of a kind, based on the basic elements and principals of design.