Bruce Gholson & Samantha Henneke

Seagrove, NC | Exhibiting Since 1985

Ceramics stimulates in us, a complete absorption into our explorations of its’ chemistry, materials, and processes. The discoveries we make provide for us alchemic methods of developing form and imagery. The fruits of these material explorations feed our personal visions, and offer further glimpses into unknown destinations and possibilities with clay.
Our studio is a collaborative environment that provides us with the support to express ourselves as individuals; more than, we could achieve singularly. We brainstorm for ideas by formulating and testing clays, glazes, surface treatments, and playing off of each other’s intuition about the materials and processes. Together we develop and share a “treasure trove” of clay and glaze vocabulary.
The work that we produce is an eclectic mix of form, imagery, texture, and pattern. Ideas for the development of our pieces evolve from working with ceramic material and observing the interplay between glaze, clay and fire. The forms and imagery of our pieces are evocative of memories and experiences from our past, as well as our current interests.