Kerry Gonzalez

Walnut Cove, NC | Exhibiting Since 1993

Kerry Gonzalez had been making pottery for over thirty years and has been working on perfecting his Copper Raku glaze for more than a decade. He was born in Oakland, CA in 1949 and grew up in Central Florida. Kerry studied ceramics at Fla. Atlantic Univ. Boca Raton, BFA 1972, and the Univ. of South Fla. He studied glassblowing at Pilchuck School Stanwood, Wa. and California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland. Kerry has worked exclusively in Raku since relocating to North Carolina in 1975. He currently resides in Winston-Salem, NC with his wife Susan and daughters Chloe and Hannah. His work is exhibited in national shows and featured in galleries across the country.