Kathy Triplett

Weaverville, NC | Exhibiting Since 1989

Many of my tiles show small electronic parts that are added to contrast with some natural materials or with the texture or natural colors of the tile. To me, this contrast brings to mind the disconnection between the two worlds of man and nature that can be so challenging to face. Highlighting and composing various elements (found objects, natural or man-made materials, specially designed clay objects) in a little window, makes us look at them in a new way, to see them as something else, or just to see them for the beauty of their design. Some tiles bring to mind my interest in insects, especially grasshoppers, which I examined growing up in SC. When looked at closely, it may be hard to determine if many insects are machines or animals. I especially enjoy the symmetry of the animal world. Other tiles show objects tied down. This is a more recent construction and I am still trying to figure out why this intrigues me. Could it represent some personal restraint, or could it reflect a feeling about our violent world situation?

The summer of 2003 was a summer for snakes. Maybe it was the rain. In any case, a snake stick is an essential tool that should be in every home and workshop. These snake sticks are practical, easy to use, and allow the user to relocate snakes and vipers without injuring them.