Marina Bosetti

Raleigh, NC | Exhibiting Since 2008

Ceramic Artist and Tilemaker, Marina Bosetti developed a wax-resist glaze technique through trial and error, only to find out it had a time-honored history going back to the 14th Century, called cuerda seca. Influenced by both the Art and Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau, she combines the aesthetics and function of one with the linear designs and flowing curves of the other to create contemporary designs that can be used in today’s homes as well as in traditional bungalows. Bosetti Art Tiles sells to both local and out-of-state customers, providing custom tile installations for murals, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds as well as wall art. Color samples are available by mail to aid consumers shopping for field tile and counter tops. Photos or architectural plans are encouraged as part of the design process. Tiles can be used in doors or out.

Marina draws her image onto the clay before going over it with a liner brush and wax resist.  She then fills a slip trailer with glaze directing it into the waxed area before using a paintbrush to move the glaze to the wax line. This thick application of glaze, after firing, creates a raised edge above the surface of the tile. That edge becomes a faux grout line, allowing glaze to pool around it, which coincidentally mimics the look of mosaic.

In addition to being a Piedmont Craftsmen’s Guild member, she also belongs to The Carolina Designer Craftsmen’s Guild, the American Art Pottery Association, the Contemporary Art Pottery Collectors Association, Tile Heritage Foundation, and the Handmade Tile Association.