Peter Rose

Knoxville, TN | Exhibiting Since 1989

Bachelor of Education 1981, in History and Art, Flinders University — after attaining my degree I pursued training in design receiving an Arts and Design Diploma at O’Halloran Hill Technical School. I then went to the South Australian school of Art for printmaking.

However at this time I became more interested in pottery so decided to go to Japan, where I worked as an apprentice in Bizen, a town renowned world wide for wood firing. I spent 2 years learning the craft of wood firing, the tea ceremony and the Zen philosophy associated with the history of this clay tradition. When I returned to Australia I was accepted into the Jam Factory in South Australia as a clay trainee for 2 years.

After finishing my traineeship I travelled to the USA and England working in potteries for the next 2 years. I settled in Tennessee in 1987 and set up Potters Pond Pottery, building my wood kiln in 1989 and have spent the time since as a Professional Potter.

In 2005 I was a cofounder of Imani Workshops in craft for HIV homeless women in Eldoret, Kenya.