Christine Colombarini

Dowelltown, TN | Exhibiting Since 1992

Christine Colombarini’s ceramics are primitive straw-fired and hand colored using oils, acrylics, textured modeling paste, and gold leaf. Her unique pieces are award-winning and found in select collections and major galleries throughout The Country.

Our Cosmic Clay journey began nearly 40 years ago as we collaborated in the creation of art clay vessels. Bringing the simplicity of clay to life with perfect form, texture, and color has been an ongoing challenge. As skilled artists, designers, potters, sculptors, and chemists, we strive for excellence and celebrate the success of an aesthetically-pleasing ceramic piece. Over the years we have taken our audience down visual avenues of classical, abstract, Deco, and futuristic design. Currently, we are involved with two separate and highly-specialized techniques focusing on “Neo-Primitive” firing.”