Sheryl S. Baker

Asheville, NC | Exhibiting Since 2004

I hold a lifelong interest in myths from all cultures. Not only are they rich in imagery, but they are also fascinating, as interpretations of the way humans have explained their own world and psyche. I am most interested in the way we anthropomorphize animals and then come full circle in using those characteristics we have attributed to them to explain our own world and psyche. However, in this case I have interpreted the myth of Daphne. She was “saved” by her father Zeus who saw her running frantically through a forest. She was trying to escape from Apollo. Zeus turned her into a tree to prevent Apollo from finding and abusing her. Becoming “wooden” or inaccessible as a reaction to assault seems to show great insight on the part of the ancient Greeks. I have done several interpretations of Daphne and will continue to come back to her in future.