Terry Ostovar

Winters, CA | Exhibiting Since 2011

I have been working with clay since I was a child and am thankful to be part of a family that has such a rich history of naturalists and artists. My current body of work reflects my love for nature and concern for all living things. I derive a great sense of fun exploring the diverse personalities, forms and behaviors of animals of all kinds and always cherish wild encounters with those I am blessed to see and experience firsthand. My creative process often begins with my personal experiences in nature. My eyes and mind are ever watchful for appealing natural patterns in found objects, such as the casing of a seed, a shell or pebble. A collection of these tokens can be found in my studio as inspiration for textures and even tools. With the keen eyes of a scientist, the heart of an artist and a touch of humor, I strive to capture behavior, movement and emotion in my pieces.