Warren Moyer

Winston-Salem, NC | Exhibiting Since 1990

Warren Moyer is originally from Ohio and moved to Winston-Salem, NC in 1989 where he transformed the ceramics department at Sawtooth School for Visual Art to the thriving department it is today. He majored in art education at Kutztown State University in Pennsylvania and an MFA from Ohio University. He makes pottery both by wheel throwing and hand-building. “I know how to throw,” Moyer said. “That’s how I started, but when I came here no one was hand-building. The more I did it, the better I got. Now, 85% of the work I do is hand-built. I like to do both, and I like to combine them. I’m always looking at lines and planes and how they connect to one another,” he said. “You can get inspiration for details, a handle, feet, a decoration on top, from things that are not made of clay.” Moyer loves any kind of design that inspires his designs: buildings, landscapes, automobiles.