Wendy Converse

Salem, SC | Exhibiting Since 2023

Wendy earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a focus in Ceramics and Printmaking from Converse College in Spartanburg, SC; after which, she spent 14 years in Massachusetts studying under numerous ceramic and sculpture artists in order to expand her vision and skills. In 2014, Wendy relocated to Salem, SC to focus on her art and family. Her work has been shown in galleries up and down the East Coast and in private collections across the country.

“I have always been excited by old structures. The idea of stumbling upon the skeleton of an aging building lost in the woods intrigues me. I love to explore how time and life wears down even the most unyielding of materials… rocks carved by wind and rain; steel that was once unwavering reduced to paper thin. And yet, even through all of the decay, little details shine through giving us a glimpse of the past. This is the jumping off point for much of my artwork.”

Her newest pieces include organically formed, one-of-a-kind vases and vessels alongside non-functional sculptures. Each piece is a blend of natural shapes/textures and man-made architectural elements.

“I find myself attracted to the creation process much as the final product. Perhaps that is why I lean towards wood-firing. The wood fire process involves a team of potters working in concert over the course of several weeks to prepare, load and fire the kiln. Each piece is designed to be fired in a specific area within the kiln to achieve the intended surface and texture. Glazes are used minimally to highlight important details, while bare surfaces are left to allow the wood ash a place to settle and run. Due to the atmospheric nature of the firing, the results cannot be duplicated, ensuring in truly unique work of art.”