Courtney Tomchik

Clemmons, NC | Exhibiting Since 2016

My artwork reflects the beautiful colors and textures that are a part of life in the Appalachian mountains as well as pieces and parts of my life: past, present and future. Each creation is a one-of-a-kind part of my soul. I approach the clay with an open idea, and work with it as it takes its own shape.
My current work is spiritual and has a southwestern flair. I am working with colors that are reflected in nature and are referred to as earth tones. My prayer boxes come from an old Indian ritual where you burn bad thoughts and purge them from your soul. My treasure boxes have additions of smooth stones said to polish the soul. The Vessels that I have created are tribal and spiritual with a modern touch. I can’t explain where they came from in my mind but they came to me at a time when I needed some spiritual guidance and through making these vessels I found my own answers that I was looking for.