Christine Kosiba

Brevard, NC | Inactive

I am energized by the beauty and diversity inherent in the natural world – the bejeweled lace of a dew-studded spider web, the throaty caw of a raven, shadows cast on a forest floor through delicate fern and mighty oak, the playful antics of a bear cub, the musky scent of coyote’s den, rich earth tones in sandstone, a loving moment between fox and kid, a voyeuristic gaze at the abundant sea life in a clear tidal pool.  All these precious gifts inspire me to be forever grateful and to strive to express this gratitude in my work.  Clay, by its very nature, lends itself to the organic way in which I work.  I start with a basic idea or emotion but each piece evolves naturally – often taking on a life of its own.  I believe one cannot create without a piece of themselves being expressed in that creation.  My hope is that my creations convey a sense of reverence for the natural beauty around us and within us.