Joy Tanner

Bakersville, NC | Inactive

The current focus in my work is the interplay between repetition and variation through the use of line, texture and depth. I am intrigued with patterns I find in the nature surrounding me. I enjoy discovering ways to incorporate these observations into my work. Firing my pots in a wood and soda kiln, I am able to explore these variations of surfaces. I create wheel thrown and altered forms using stoneware and porcelain clays. With each cycle of making pots, I eagerly anticipate each firing for the surface effects between the clay, slips, wood ash and soda. Cradling a cup or bowl in hand, I welcome the user to connect with the clay through the subtle textures. I concentrate on the curve or fullness of a form, the comfortable feeling of a rim or handle, tonal variations on the surface, and the rhythms that occur in the textures. These individual elements are treated similarly to how I observe nature. At first glance my eyes are unable to focus on the variety in nature surrounding me. However, the little details are what I am attracted to, such as a leaf connecting to its stem, the softness of a seed enclosed in its shell, or the patterns of filtered light. These small components that reveal such variations are what I feel bring vitality and energy to a piece of pottery. Bringing these details into closer view, I hope each handmade piece I have created is seen and felt as being unique.