Sedberry Pottery

Burnsville, NC | Exhibiting Since 1984

Ken: Those objects that appeal to me most are created by craftsmen who posses an intimate knowledge of their material and techniques. I love throwing coarse clay, stoking wood and forming strong, solid pots. My work is fired in a wood-burning kiln. A temperature of approximately 2350 degrees is reached. A violent release of smoke and ash occurs when the wood explodes into flame leaving very special “flashing” on the pots. I use pinks, yellows, and blues as accent color with these orangey-red flashings, which is a break from the traditional look of much wood-fired pottery as very few bright clear colors survive the high temperatures and the smoky atmosphere.

Galen: Currently I am investigating the possibilities between deliberate surface decoration and the limitless variables derived from wood firing.  I want my imagery to evoke themes of movement and energy, an aesthetic that I rely of the firing process to deliver.  I relish this collaborative approach, as it forces me to give up a fraction of control – allowing chance and serendipity to play a small role.  The imagery I choose to decorate my pots derives entirely from my immediate surroundings, including the natural color hues I see outside my studio window.