Victoria Rose Martin

Lake Worth, FL | Inactive

My work is a reflection of life.  The pieces are memories of people, places, and things I have known,  In the small faces I can see members of my family, people I once knew, and even myself.  The figures are frequently perched on the roofs of houses where I lived as a child or in boats where they look for those who have gone.  I create environments where memories and dreams merge, where the line between fantasy and reality isn’t so clear.  The work tends to be whimsical with a slightly dark undercurrent.  My sculptural forms are hand built using low-fire clay.  The surfaces are decorated with stamped words and a variety of finishes, including oxides, under glaze, and glaze.  My art is collected both nationally and internationally.  In 2008 I was commissioned to paint Pop Art inspired murals at the Venue in London, England.  My sculptural work has appeared in the publications: 500 Dolls, Contemporary Ceramics, Contemporary Dolls and Ceramics Monthly.