Akira Blount

Bybee, TN | In Memoriam

Dolls have become my life in the years since our exodus from the city. It is a very natural expression for me. I feel we do our best doing that which comes most natural – like child’s play. I have learned to work in a very intuitive fashion, just allowing the pieces to flow from my subconscious, rather than modeling them after things I have seen. I use natural fibers and found objects in my work. Things I have picked up on a morning walk – such as pine cones, sticks, acorns, and feathers – might find their way on to a doll by afternoon. I enjoy the way that my life and work become one. I work at home in little space with little equipment and limited expense. My waste is biodegradable. I meet wonderful people and have the freedom to live wherever I choose.

Akira became an Exhibiting Artist in Mixed Media in 1998.