Virginia Ingram

Winston-Salem, NC | In Memoriam

Artist Statement: Most of my work is derived from nature and/or my surroundings, which includes the space as close as my backyard to the space of infinity. I try to impose my own order on that which I know already exists. Wood has been a special affinity through the years and has been the point of departure for me in the creation of most of my work. I feel most comfortable working with a fragment of nature.

Obituary.  Virginia Ingram passed away on January 22, 2015.  Over the years she has been active in the Winston-Salem arts community via the Arts and Crafts Association (now the Sawtooth School for Visual Art), Associated Artists, the Gallery of Fine Arts (now SECCA), Artworks Gallery, and Piedmont Craftsmen, Inc. She received her Masters in printmaking from UNCG in 1965.  She became an exhibiting member in 1968.   In 2004 she was selected as the Sawtooth School’s “Artist of the Year”.

Exhibiting Member 1968-2015.