Jose Fumero

| In Memoriam

Jose Fumero calls his work woven fiber mosaic. His work draws on images ranging from classical and renaissance art to icons of popular culture, re-imagined and re-imaged by the artist’s vast understanding of art history, his fertile imagination, and unique sense of humor. Having worked in the textile industry for many years, he thinks and creates on many levels. He finds that combining a warp (used as a platform for an idea’s initial expression) and weft (to explore the initial expression’s ramifications) gives him the opportunity to express an idea that has multiple nuances and shades of the basic intent. The woven grid becomes an image that can be perceived on and through many levels. In a sense, his chosen mode of expression reflects his bi-linguality, carrying an expression back and forth between two layers for a depth that transcends a single idiom. Born in Havana, Cuba in 1924, Jose has been a naturalized American citizen since 1946. He worked in the commercial textile industry for many years, and has been a full time artist, consultant and lecturer since 1975.

Jose became an Exhibiting Member in 1975