Murray Johnston

Birmingham, AL | In Memoriam

Artist Statement: Mountains and sky, rocks, wood and water mingle to create an intriguing resource. We see, hear, touch, and taste the land that surrounds us. To pull out my abstracted memories and piece them into rhythms that evoke a response is my primary goal. Colors and natural images are a universal language and the conversations I have with these works are a constant, exhilarating challenge.

Obituary: Murray Berry Johnston, better known as “Muff,” died on April 15, 2020. The life and work of this remarkable Birmingham woman  was behind the Living Wall at the Birmingham Airport and so much more. If you were fortunate enough to know Murray Johnston, you knew that she was incredibly passionate about two things: contemporary quilt making and Bernese Mountain dogs. Chances are, you’ve seen her work and didn’t even know it.

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