Ron Propst

Winston-Salem, NC | Exhibiting Since 1968

In his many years as a studio potter, Ron Propst has created works that are both functional and sculptural, ranging from tableware and cookware to floor tiles and birdbaths. He effortlessly combines structural techniques, incorporating slab building, casting and wheel throwing. He works with clay bodies ranging from low-fire earthenware to high-fire porcelain, developing his own clay bodies and glazes to fill the specific needs of various planned projects.

Clay captured the creative heart and soul of Ron in summer school at East Carolina University. From football to art in one class marked the beginning of a more than 40 years journey in designing, experimenting, and creating with clay. A residency in pottery at Penland School of Crafts furthered the opening of craft world to Ron and his family. A move to Winston-Salem introduced Ron to Old Salem and the Moravian Tile Stoves. His research has led to restoration and production of tile stoves across the country. Ron was the pioneer for the movement of The Arts District by opening his studio on 6th Street in 1983. The purchase and renovation of 560 North Trade Street in 1990 (the former Solomon’s Antiques) has fulfilled a dream to provide studio spaces for artist and himself. Ron continues to design and execute custom tiles, tile stoves, and functional and garden wares.