Clyde Gobble

Lexington, NC | In Memoriam

Clyde Gobble’s deep attention to detail and his perfect marriage of beautiful design, workmanship and utility mark each piece that bears his signature. Clyde describes his own work as “mostly functional things, that are meant to be used—to live with, to cook with, to eat and drink out of, not put up on a shelf to look at.” He is possibly best known for his carved brown “Abbots Creek” pieces with trademark mushroom handles, earth-toned “Blue Ridge” and vivid “High Rock Red”. After nearly 4 decades of making thousands of pots, , the simple act of throwing and forming the clay with his hands is still magical to him. He always feels best when he is throwing. He says, “The clay as it glides quickly between my fingers has a never ending life of its own.”

Clyde Gobble’s Obituary.  Clyde C. Gobble Jr., 82, died Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, at his home and pottery studio in Lexington.  An avid potter, Clyde had many avocations, too. He loved airplanes and anything to do with space. He was a boater and water skier and lover of plants, with amazing azalea gardens that he and Bonnie toiled many hours crafting and sharing with so many over the years.  He had an infectious laugh and smile, inspiring and influencing many.

Clyde became an Exhibiting Member in 1971.