Lenda DuBose

Nashville, TN | In Memoriam

My lifelong love of threads began early in my life and, after growing bored with commercial kits, I began to create my own designs which I hope transcend the particulars of my own life and embrace the Universal. Some influences on my work are the colors and designs of oriental carpets, prehistoric stone monuments, the coast of Wales, the land, the rocks, and the sky wherever I happen to be. I also find a comforting connection between the immense and the very small, between the enormity of the ocean and the individual stones and shells cast up n its shore. I begin each piece by charting my design on graph paper, selecting threads, and a stone, bead or shell to use in the piece. As I get into a work, it never fails that it takes on a life of its own, and the design and colors change as the piece comes into existence. I work on even-weave linen, usually on 30-to 36-count, using predominately a traditional cross-stich, but also other approaches, including an uneven, random stich for textural contrast. By over-dyeing commercial embroidery floss I am able to obtain the subtle color changes and the added gradations that enable me to paint with threads.

Lenda became an Exhibiting Member in 2005