Ben Dyer

Hillsborough, NC | In Memoriam

Artist Statement: I have devoted most of my adult life to Goldsmithing as an artistic pursuit; as a vehicle for personal expression and to add a contemporary voice to the vocabulary of an ancient and time honored medium. For me a successful design suggests motion and life, revealing elegance, harmony, and beauty. My pieces are created to enhance the wearer, to bring pleasure to the viewer, and to be satisfying to the senses as a dance, poem, or melodic tune are. My jewelry is crafted by hammer forging and hand shaping. One of a kind pieces, limited editions, designs developed in series, and limited production designs are all created by direct metal techniques. All designs are original and handmade in my studio. All are in 14k, 18k, and 22 karat golds. Studio assistance is as a part-time apprenticeship-like training; forging, forming, and finishing my lower price designs. An assistant will also help with the ordinary day to day tasks and operations of the studio.My joy is in designing, developing, and executing new work in gold, using gemstones for color and contrast.

Exhibiting Artist Member from 1987-2022.