Bobby Wells

Burnsville, NC | In Memoriam

Artist Statement: The approach I take towards my creative work is simple, I connect to the child inside of me that wants to play and explore within the realms of color, pattern, design, texture and feeling. I first turned to this at age 14 when I discovered the unlimited possibilities of expression available to me through weaving. I simply turned on. I’ve been turned on ever since. What I have known since I was 14 and got fired up about weaving is that for me to create is my joy and my love of life expressing itself. I feel fortunate to know and trust this and to be able to earn a portion of my living doing what I most enjoy doing.

Bobby Wells’ Obituary.  Barbara Wells Johnson, 61, of Burnsville, died Saturday, January 3, 2009, after a long, courageous odyssey with breast cancer. She left this world as peacefully as she walked through it. A native of Providence, R.I., she attended Lincoln School and then went on to graduate from Mills College in Ca. While attending Penland School of Crafts, she decided Western N. C. was where she wanted to spend her life. She had a love of all things beautiful and was a gifted craftsperson and spiritual teacher. She was a member of the Southern Highlands Handicraft Guild, Piedmont Craftsmen Guild and the Carolina Designer Craftsmen. Surviving are her husband of 35 years, Robert M. Johnson, daughters, Willow Burgess-Johnson of Asheville,N.C. and Cedar Johnson of Celo, N.C., stepchildren, Tara Flemming of San Diego, Ca.and Eric Johnson of Tucson, AZ., brother, Jody Wells of West Kingston, RI, sister, Taffy Wells of Juneau, AK., grandchildren, Hazel, Naomi, Zoe, Callie, Leif, Arden, Lake, Isabelle and Thomas.

Exhibiting Member 1973-2009