Jane Goslin Peiser

Penland, NC | In Memoriam

Jane Peiser is known for multi colored porcelain hand build forms including small sculptures. She used this process to create intricate patterns and subtle color gradations.

This process results in unique pieces of visually complex integral patterns.  Often pattern gives way to representational scenes filled with flowers and animals. She uses relief pieces of either solid colored clay or patterns to add another dimension to her work.  Most of her work is salt glazed.

“I’m looking back on 75 years of life on this amazing earth, 45 years in which it has been my great privilege to earn a living making pottery.

I love it when people sing together, laugh together, show me the pictures in their wallets… I feel a yearning for the wonderful side of human nature that I cannot explain, but when it appears in an occasional piece that I have made, it’s a good, good, day in the studio.”

In Memoriam-Jane Peiser passed away February, 2022.